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Administrative Support Careers

These careers serve as CentraCare’s nervous system. People in administrative support roles at CentraCare gather, process, organize and distribute information. Most of these jobs don’t require healthcare experience. What’s most critical is a desire to serve others. 

About one in seven CentraCare employees works in these positions. 

These administrative professionals gather information from patients and local authorities, schedule thousands of appointments every month, keep our leaders organized, and so much more. 

Here are some examples of administrative support jobs at CentraCare:

Patient Access Assistant

This is one of the most popular job titles at CentraCare. In fact, besides doctors, nurses and nursing assistants, this is our most popular job title!  

Your most familiar interaction with patient access assistants is when you arrive at a medical appointment. They’re typically the first person you talk to. Patient Access assistants have the power to set the tone for a patient’s entire experience with us. And they do more behind the scenes you may not be aware of. People in patient access admit emergency patients who may not be able to provide information. They handle transfers between hospitals. They bring calm and order to what could be chaos without them. Many patient access assistants work normal business hours but some areas (mostly emergency rooms) have a patient access assistant working 24/7. 

Claims Assistantmostly remote 

Healthcare can be expensive and one of our pillars at CentraCare is to keep costs low for our patients. One of the ways we do that is to be sure that insurance companies and government agencies are properly billed for the services we provide. CentraCare has dozens of claims assistants dedicated to this goal. An interest in finance and medical coding will help you enjoy this work, where opportunities for advancement will be plentiful as more people use more healthcare in the coming years. 

Prior authorization assistants perform similar work but theirs is typically done before a service is provided to a patient. ​​​​​

Scheduling and Referral Assistant 

These roles are related but different. Most of them work normal business hours Monday – Friday. 

Scheduling assistants can specialize in scheduling staff, patients and, in some cases (like surgery), both! We have the tools and platforms for just about anyone with the right commitment to service to succeed as a scheduling assistant. Some patient scheduling assistants work from home.  

Referral assistants have a little broader area of responsibility. While they often help patients schedule referrals within CentraCare, they also coordinate scheduling with partner agencies. An example is that a patient may sit in a referral assistant’s office because their primary provider wants them to see a specialist at St. Cloud Orthopedics. The referral assistant will make the call, gather information, and find a time that works for the partner agency and patient. It’s like a scheduling assistant but with more complexity.​​​​​​​

Health Unit Coordinator 

HUCs (pronounced “hucks”) work in hospitals. They greet and assist patient visitors, manage phone calls, organize and maintain patient charts, and perform other clerical and reception duties. You directly support caregivers on the unit. The average HUC at CentraCare has worked here for 9 years. One HUC has worked here for almost 50 years! There are HUCs on duty 24/7/365. ​​​​​​​

Data Entry Assistant and Data Management Assistant

People in these roles make sure our patients’ health information is properly processed and stored. They’re a great way to get involved in the business side of healthcare. 

Call Center Careers 

We have multiple call centers to ensure high-quality service for patients and families, to improve employee safety and communicate during emergencies, and patient scheduling operations. 

Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries and others make up the rest of our Administrative Support jobs. All of them offer a comfortable office environment and meaningful work!

What Are Our Employees Saying?
"The best part about my job is the great people and exciting experience. I love working in security because I get to make a difference in people's lives and it's something new every day. What I find most rewarding about my job is protecting those who save lives. My team's culture is tight-knit and always have each other's backs no matter the situation."
Security & Safety Officer
What Are Our Employees Saying?
"I've been with CentraCare for 9 years because I know I'm making a difference in my community. Direct patient care is not something I was ever interested in but by working in recruitment I'm still able to indirectly make an impact. My work ties to patients and employees. I could do recruitment in any industry, but in healthcare, I'm truly changing lives."
Senior Recruiter
What Are Our Employees Saying?

"I like working in Environmental Services because I enjoy cleaning and knowing that what I do is very important to the patients and the families. By doing my job correctly and being the person who is responsible for infection control gives me pride. My team is an intricate part of the big picture here, keeping the hospital clean and running smoothly. We are the face of CentraCare from behind the scenes."

Environmental Services Associate
What Are Our Employees Saying?
"The best part about my job is working with an excellent group of co-workers who I can rely on in any situation. I love working in security because I love being a part of a team that works hard to ensure the safety of our CentraCare facilities. The thing I find most rewarding about the position is knowing that employees, patients, and visitors can rely on us to keep them safe. My team's culture is very welcoming, and much like a family. We all have each other's backs.”
Security & Safety Officer
What Are Our Employees Saying?
"The best part about working my job is every day is different. Our department is lucky to never be stuck in the same monotonous rut which makes coming to work enjoyable. I love working in the Prior Authorizations department because being able to help patients get the care they need is very rewarding. The thing I find most rewarding about this position is how much we help not only our patients but everyone in the organization provide the best care. My team culture is hands down the best!"
Prior Authorization Assistant
What Are Our Employees Saying?
"My team's culture is friendly and united, everyone on the team engages in a positive way and helps each other out when needed."
Administrative Claims Assistant