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Careers in Business

The variety for business professionals that exists at CentraCare can’t be matched elsewhere in Central Minnesota.

We have just about every department you’d find at any large employer across the country. Accounting, communications and marketing, education, human resources, information systems, project management, performance improvement, supply chain and procurement, and so many others.

Here’s a look at some of our most popular areas for business professionals.

Communications and Marketing 

We have about 20 people dedicated to informing the community about the services we offer, communicating with employees through multiple channels, managing social media and informing media about CentraCare. These people produce and web content, social content, write prolifically and do work with graphics, photography and video. Openings in this area are rare, and when an opening does occur, you should apply quickly!


Accounting: Healthcare requires that lots of money moves around and CentraCare provides more than $2B in services every year! We have three levels of accountants and plenty of finance staff to support them.

Billing and Government Reimbursement: Healthcare can be expensive and one of our pillars at CentraCare is to keep costs low for our patients. One of the ways we do that is to be sure that insurance companies and government agencies are properly billed for the services we provide. That’s where billing and government and reimbursement professionals come in!

Human Resources 

Our HR team has quadrupled in size in the last five years and continues to grow! HR pros have an opportunity to really specialize at CentraCare: Payroll, Benefits, Employee Relations, Recruitment/Talent Solutions, our Onboarding Team, HRIS, and Organizational Development make up most of our specialized experts. And we have an HR Business Partner function which allows HR pros to use their breadth of knowledge to serve our people in all areas of HR.​​​​​​​

Information Systems & Technology 

Many people don’t associate IS/IT with healthcare, but the truth is that these professionals are critical to our ability to care for people. Our patients’ information is kept in a constantly evolving electronic medical records system (EMR) called Epic. We have people, (Epic Optimization Specialists, Epic Optimization analysts, and trainers), who specialize in customizing this platform for different applications.

Let’s not forget about systems administrators, data architects, network engineers, information security experts, software developers, end-user service techs and more! There’s plenty of groundbreaking work happening every day at CentraCare.

Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics 

Besides taking care of our people, the thing we spend the most money on is the supplies they need to provide the high level of care our patients deserve. We have a couple-dozen people dedicated to finding us high-quality supplies at the best price possible and shipping urgency that matches our needs. Some things are complex and unpredictable, and others are routine. If you have logistics, purchasing or other supply chain experience, you’ll find your purpose knowing that the supplies you manage are being used to help feed premature infants, save the lives of car crash victims and making cancer patients comfortable, among so many other life-changing reasons.

So many more!

​​​​​​​We have a foundation, community health improvement, population health, learning and education, facilities, planning, a data center and literally dozens more.