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Clinical Support Careers

Clinical professionals at CentraCare make up a small part of our workforce (about 7%) but you’d never know it considering their importance and the volume of people they serve.

Our clinical professionals are highly educated, with many roles requiring a master’s or doctoral degree. They’re true experts in their field and we need that expertise to best serve our patients. They’re experts in DNA, anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, medication effects, the human mind, human bodies, and so many related functions.

Here’s a glimpse at these careers and where you might fit in at CentraCare.


CentraCare’s Dietitians work in a variety of specialties. The most popular areas are on our weight management team, where we serve patients with eating disorders and/or kidney function challenges, and in our hospitals assessing, analyzing, planning, intervening and educating about patients’ nutritional needs.

Genetic Counselors

Our Genetic Counselors empower patients by guiding them through genetic risks and diagnoses. Our multidisciplinary team serves central and rural Minnesota through both in-person visits and telehealth genetic counseling. Join a team of six Genetic Counselors to provide pre-conceptual, prenatal, pediatric, adult, cardiac, and cancer counseling. Opportunity to focus on a specialty and be cross trained in additional areas!

Rehab Services

CentraCare offers inpatient and outpatient rehab services at locations all over central and west central Minnesota. PTs work St. Cloud (inpatient and outpatient), Sartell, Albany, Becker, Long Prairie, Melrose, Paynesville, Sauk Centre, Willmar, New London and Redwood Falls. Additionally, we offer home care services across a broad swath of central Minnesota. 

Physical Therapy: The variety we have available for physical therapists is vast. You can specialize in adult, peds, sports and orthopedics, and choose whether to work in inpatient or outpatient.  

PTs at CentraCare care for patients in outpatient, acute inpatient, dedicated inpatient rehab, transitional care, or home care settings.  Many therapists have primary focus areas including adult neurological, orthopedics and sports, aquatics, pediatrics, or geriatrics.  Team members advance their skills with continuing education support, while pursuing specialty certifications and specialty training. Examples include ortho, neuro, and sports specialty certifications, and training for specialized programs and services like spine care, lymphedema care, pelvic health, balance and dizziness, dry needling, blood flow restriction, serial casting, plagiocephaly and torticollis, and more.

Occupational Therapy: We have about five dozen Occupational Therapists who work in several central Minnesota communities. About half of them work in specialty care/neurosciences and others focus their work in a variety of other areas: orthopedics, peds outpatient, adult outpatient, behavioral health, plastic surgery and more.

Speech Language Pathology: We offer speech therapy services in Long Prairie, Paynesville, Redwood Falls, Sauk Centre and the St. Cloud area. Give your patients a voice and help them get more out of the voice they already have. You’ll help them learn or relearn to speak and/or swallow, form sounds, improve their speaking, and help guide them and their families in overcoming speech-related challenges. Whether they’re diagnosed with apraxia, aphasia, dysarthria, stuttering or something else, we’re here to help them live a more fulfilling life.


Things have come a long way since Friedrich Merck compounded ingredients from the Pharmacopoeia Augustana at Angel Pharmacy nearly 360 years ago. Pharmacists at CentraCare serve patients in multiple specialties. You could work in one of our multiple retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, or specialize in treating cancer patients with lifesaving chemotherapy medications. We have part-time and full-time opportunities in both large facilities and rural settings. No matter where you work, you’ll find your purpose providing the medications our patients need to survive, heal and thrive.

Social Workers at CentraCare serve a variety of people in a variety of ways. In many cases, they help patients, and their families navigate the healthcare and social services systems. Social workers also serve as addiction services counselors and psychotherapists. Social workers work in our emergency rooms, transitional care, home health and hospice, long-term care, care management and wherever else they’re needed to help patients and families through trying times.

Psychotherapists and Associate Psychotherapists

As society improves its recognition that mental health care is health care, we find increasing need for behavioral and mental health services across Minnesota.
These mental health professionals can be part of primary, behavioral, or interdisciplinary health teams and provide an array of services to patients to help them improve their health and their lives. They work in inpatient and outpatient settings and throughtout Minnesota.