Laboratory Careers

Find your purpose getting answers for patients and those who treat them. The jobs below represent how a medical lab career may progress.

Phlebotomist - The perfect job for somebody without much work experience, this is the role for those entering a healthcare and/or laboratory profession. This role mostly involves collecting samples (blood and urine, typically) from patients for testing. On-the-job training is available. Those who have shown an interest in a laboratory career, either through work experience or education will be the best candidates for this role. Current students and others are welcome to apply!

Laboratory Assistant - A great next step for phlebotomists, lab assistants will have demonstrable knowledge of basic chemistry tests, hematology, and urinalysis, and have basic venipuncture and capillary collection skills. Current students and others with some lab experience are encouraged to apply.

Medical Laboratory Technician - Advancing to this level of the laboratory career ladder requires an associate degree, which will prepare you for testing that includes bacteriology, hematology, blood gasses, serology, and other high-level laboratory testing. MLTs collect and test lab specimens. At least a two-year degree and certification are required. All who meet these requirements are encouraged to apply.

Medical Laboratory Scientist - MLSs process specimens, perform a wide variety of tests of varying complexity, perform quality control, and often serve as subject-matter expert for coworkers in other lab positions. This role requires a bachelor’s degree and ASCP-BOC certification. All who meet these requirements are encouraged to apply.

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