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Careers in Leadership

Leaders at CentraCare help our teams succeed and ensure their success aligns with our organization’s goal of keeping our people safe, improving the health of our community, providing a superior patient experience, and keeping costs as low as safely reasonable for our patients and community.

Leaders are hired both internally and externally. 72% of our executive and management positions are held by women. Many of these women leaders were promoted from within! 

CentraCare’s 11,000 employees are led by an executive team of about 30 professionals. Our VPs typically provide service line-specific leadership to help guide their specialties toward overall corporate goals. You can meet our executive team here.

We use RISE (Results-Oriented, Inspiring, Self-Aware and Excellence-Driven) principles to evaluate our leaders and assess candidates during our interviews.

Other leadership roles at CentraCare range from service-level supervisors to executive director service line managers. Typical titles are Executive Director, Senior Director, Director, Manager, Administrator, and Supervisor.

Other parts of your leadership journey include the following:
  • Leader development days, uniting all leaders from across the organization to network, grow and learn
  • Classes led by internal and external leaders focused on safety, culture, quality and more
  • Weekly calls with other leaders to learn of the organization’s current efforts, changes, and achievements

Leaders who are newly hired or promoted to supervisory leadership roles at CentraCare are supported with the tactics, tools and knowledge they need to succeed and help their teams do the same. We have a new leader orientation program to support you from day one. This program connects you to other leaders and shows you the functions, processes and resources you need to succeed.

Preparing to Lead
In addition to these formal leadership positions (those with direct reports), leads, core charge nurses and many others hold non-supervisory leadership positions within our organization.