Operational Support

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Many of our operational support positions don’t require much, if any, experience, though some do. 

Here are some of the areas you can work to help keep things running smoothly at CentraCare: 

Environmental Services 

Sometimes labeled “housekeeping”, an environmental services (EVS) associate’s main purpose is to reduce infection risks and make our facilities safer. They do this by cleaning rooms during a patient’s stay and between patients. Cleaning surfaces lowers infection risks for our patients and employees. Environmental Services Associates also clean hallways and other shared spaces, reducing tripping and other risks. Some EVS associates specialize on floors and some work in special areas like our surgical suites. You get to help different people every day!

In our nutrition areas, you can find your purpose helping to nourish patients back to health and fuel their caregivers. All jobs in this area work together to provide healthy meals for our patients and coworkers. We make good food safely! 

Nutrition services jobs are available at all our hospitals, the CentraCare Plaza and some senior communities. 

These jobs are better than most restaurants for three main reasons: We offer benefits no restaurant can, and you’ll almost never have to work past 8 p.m.! Lastly, we don’t run the same risk of closing that many restaurants do. You’ll have the stability you need, knowing you’ll still have a job tomorrow.  

Cooks and chefs: Our cooks and chefs make food- LOTS of it! Enough to feed dozens if not hundreds- and even more than 1,000 people most days at St. Cloud Hospital – Three meals a day, every day of the year! 

Nutrition Services Associate, Café Server: The responsibilities vary widely in this role. You might work to help our cooks, prepare desserts, keep food and drinks stocked in the kitchen, serve food, ring up customers and more. 

Patient Dining Associate: These members of our team get food to patients. Seems simple but there’s a lot involved. Responsibilities include taking patient (and some guest) food orders over the phone, building trays, delivering meals to patient rooms and stocking fridges on patient care units.  

We get to deliver meals to new moms, ginger ale and crackers to those undergoing chemotherapy and quite often get to be the bright spot in our patients’ days!


St. Cloud Hospital and our Willmar care center both have their own laundry facilities. This is where we wash patient linens, clothing, gowns, towels used for cleaning, surgical scrubs, lab coats, doctors’ coats and more.  Job titles include laundry services associate, laundry aide and machine operator.  Wash, dry, fold, steam, iron- we do it all!

Sterile Processing 

This is one of the coolest areas of a hospital that most people don’t get to see! In sterile processing, we receive the instruments used in surgeries, which we then wash, disinfect, sort and then sterilize to make sure they’re safe and ready for the next surgery.  We build the kits surgeons will need for their surgeries the next day. The work here is important to ensuring life-saving surgeries go according to plan. ​​​​​​​

Distribution Services 

We make sure stuff is where it needs to be! People in distribution services receive shipments, distribute items to other CentraCare facilities, and fill storage rooms so those caring for patients always have what they need to provide the best care possible. We also offer printing services. These jobs often lead to promotional opportunities as business professionals like contract portfolio administrators and purchasing business partners.

Maintenance, Boiler Operators, and Engineers 

Our boilers, chillers, generators and other equipment are critical to our facilities operating seamlessly. Many of our medical devices and machines have narrow temperature windows for optimal operation. Add to that, the critical need for electricity to keeping so many critical tools running, and the importance of our temperature controls to patient comfort, and you’ll quickly see how important these jobs are- and how much more rewarding they can be than similar work elsewhere.  

These areas make up most of what we have in our operational support careers.

​​​​​​​If any of these roles interest you, please apply now.