Imaging Careers

Imaging careers at CentraCare have the flexibility you want! Generalize or specialize.
Change your mind if you fall in love with a particular modality or want to broaden your scope.

Small town? We've got it. Big hospital? We've got that, too! 

Radiologic Technologists – “Rad Techs”, as we call them, primarily perform X-ray procedures. At St. Cloud Hospital, the cases we see can be quite complex, so there’s plenty of variety. Rad techs help discover or rule out things like fractures, lung infections, foreign bodies, and heart problems.  Current students and others are welcome to apply!

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning Technologist – CTs are a series of X-rays stitched together by a computer so that providers can diagnose issues and plan how to treat them. Current students and others are welcome to apply!

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – These imaging professionals use ultrasound (sound waves with pitches far higher than our ears can hear) to create images of parts of the body. They can see blood vessels, babies, organ and muscle abnormalities, and more. These images help get patients and providers the answers they need to make informed medical decisions.

Cardiac Sonography (Echo Tech) - Echo Techs perform ultrasounds of the heart. Their work helps to identify abnormalities that may lead to severe injury/illness or even death. It’s incredibly important work!

Interventional Radiology – Use imaging to help treat cancer patients! This imaging allows the physician to “see” inside a cancer patient’s body and apply lifesaving medicine (chemotherapy or radiation therapy) directly to cancerous regions.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Technologist – MRI Techs use machines that produce a combination of radio waves and magnetic fields to generate images of the insides of patients’ organs, muscles, tissues, and bones. They help to identify tumors, eye and inner-ear disorders, aneurysms, strokes, and other brain and spinal maladies.

Mammographer – These imaging professionals are on the front lines against breast cancer! Mammographers perform special X-rays of breasts to inspect potential abnormalities and get patients the answers they need.

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