Our Story
Our Practice Locations

Learn about our larger communities in Central Minnesota where our hospitals and clinics are providing outreach specialty care. 

Our Culture

We want every employee to be their best, both at work and at home. That’s why we established a culture-building program called Our Best Begins with Me, which gives people the tools and resources to do just that. Every employee at CentraCare has an opportunity to experience this program and you will feel its impact through how we listen, embrace curiosity and appreciate one another. All employees get to experience the culture through innovative ways employees connect with one another through shared stories and inspiration, opportunities to collaborate and access to resources that support their journey.

A strong culture doesn’t just happen. It’s made possible when employees share a set of core beliefs, commit to supporting one another and are supported by the organization to be their best self. This means that regardless of the role or position, employees feel comfortable sharing ideas, asking questions and supporting each other to provide the best care and experiences for our patients.

Our Purpose

We’re here for your whole life — to listen then serve, to guide and heal — because health means everything.

We hold a vision for all of us to live a healthy life. As a provider of care, employer to many and a community foundation, we encourage and inspire health and well-being. We also know there is a need for healing and comfort in every life, so at the heart of CentraCare is a commitment to the patients and families we serve in the communities we all call home.

Each community we serve has historical roots. These roots share a purpose and leadership by caring people — sisters of faith, civic leaders, farmers, doctors, nurses and others. Then as now, our collective mission is to serve, providing expert health care that is close to home.

Our Values

  • Health and Well-Being: We share the knowledge and skills we possess so that people in our communities can live the healthiest lives possible.

  • Listening: We listen with our heads and hearts — to understand, diagnose and comfort.

  • Expert Clinical Care and Collaboration: We strengthen the care we give through collaboration with one another and with those whom we serve. 

  • Human Dignity: We treat people with kindness, respect and acceptance. Healing touches the mind, body and spirit.

  • Smart Stewardship: We vigorously exercise fiscal responsibility and continuous improvement to meet the demands of our mission and to thrive together.

  • Community and Relationships: We have served the people of this region for generations and will serve the many generations to come.